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Randall Sokoloff

Randall Sokoloff wroked as a Clinical Psychotherapist for 10 years. He is now a Mindfulness-Based Counselor, Author, Visual Artist, Teacher, Consultant and Mindfulness Expert. He is one of the founders of Wake Up. Since 1997, he has trained with pioneers in the field of mindfulness, such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sharon Salzburg, Rick Center and Jack Kornfield. For more info please read Randall's extensive writings on mindfulness here and visit Randall's website here.

Krista Sharpe

Krista is a visual artist, dancer, singer, aerialist and semi-retired extrovert. She has been involved with meditation and yoga since she was 13 and has studied mindfulness meditation with Randall Sokoloff for the past 4 years. Whether inspired by zen koans, graphic novels or neuroscience, Krista is always looking for ways to explore and expand her meditation practice. She hopes to share her joy and expertise with you during her weekly class.

Tracie Sokoloff

 With her nearly 10 years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist and 4 years of experience as a mindfulness teacher, Tracie brings a holistic approach to mental wellness. Tracie holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy and in Mind/Body Medicine. She is a certified mindfulness counselor and registered yoga instructor. Tracie has15 years experience as a yogi and 5 years as a yoga instructor. She deeply believes in the healing potential of yoga and meditation.

Peter Gloria

Peter is an engineer, entrepreneur, aging skateboarder, retired dirty backpacker, father and meditation teacher. He has been meditating since he was a teenager and developed a consistent practice in the more recent years. He has studied mindfulness meditation with Randall Sokoloff and other meditation teachers.  Follow him on Instagram. See what he's working on at Levels

Tamara Teragawa

Tamera is professional dancer and yoga teacher. As a yoga teacher, Tamera believes in the healing affects of yoga. 

Tamera has completed her training in Power Vinyasa (RYT-200) and Restorative/Healing Yoga (RYT-500).

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